Is Porn and Video Game addictions leading to a masculinity crisis?

Today, young men have two major forms of entertainment at their disposal – video games and pornography. The two combine together create a dangerous cocktail of violence, adrenaline, lust and false reality. Teenage boys can literally sit in their bedroom, shut off from the world and be completely entertained. They can play on their Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and watch as much pornography as their eyes can physically take.

This exposure to porn and games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite is actually having an adverse effect on their personalities – many psychologists actually believe that this could lead to a potential masculinity crisis and affect a whole generation of young men. Read on to find out how!

Playing excessive video games can make real life seem mundane and un-exciting

Video games are exciting and get your adrenaline pumping. Call of Duty for example allows you to run around wielding machine guns and grenade launchers and dish out death and destruction. Games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends on the other hand allow you to explore fantasy worlds and take control of magical beings. Young men can literally live their life in computer generated worlds.

This is all fine as it can help expand their imagination and creativity, but it can also have a negative effect. It can cause actual reality to seem boring and mundane in contrast. Teenagers may become dissatisfied with their own life and become addicted to the fulfilling and exciting online world they can immerse themselves in.

Watching excessive porn can reduce confidence and even contribute to erectile dysfunction

Aside from video game addiction, teenage boys can also become addicted to porn. Free porn is readily available for them – all they have to do is browse on their smartphone or open up their laptop. The images and scenes portrayed in pornography are unrealistic – they give boys a false image of what women and sex should look like. Moreover, porn can actually reduce their confidence in real life.

When watching porn, there is no rejection – they have a false sense of confidence and security. In the real world, when confronted with relationships, that security blanket disappears. As a result, a teenage boy’s confidence can drop hugely and thus make them reclusive. Moreover, some studies show that boys who watch excessive porn can even develop erectile dysfunction and they can only become erect when watching porn.

This is quite troubling and could lead to wider problems. We are raising a generation of young boys who are become reclusive and having their brains digitally rewired. Who knows what children are doing for hours on end behind the confines of their closed doors?

As you can see this could be a real issue! Whilst young men can get their hands on free porn and free VR porn their own reality and masculinity could be affected. What this could mean for the long-term we do not yet know!