The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Nintendo Empire


No other gaming company has been through such a rollercoaster ride as Nintendo. Throughout past decades, this company has been one of the most successful developers in the world, and at other times on the brink of financial collapse. We take a look at the rise and fall, and subsequent rise of the Nintendo Empire:

1980’s Rise to Power – Donkey Kong

It all started with an angry gorilla called Donkey Kong. This was one of Nintendo’s original games and brought them into the limelight. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Nintendo followed up this success with legendary characters such as Mario and Zelda – the future was looking bright!

2000’s Continue Success – DS & Wii

As time wore on the company continued to grow. During the early 2000’s we saw consoles such as the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advanced released together with some epic titles. Moreover, the handheld DS and Wii really boosted the Nintendo Empire – things were still looking strong!

2010’s Decline – Wii U and poor sales

Fast forward to the 2010’s and Nintendo faced trouble. Sony and Microsoft were killing the market with their PlayStation and Xbox consoles laden with awesome titles such as GTA and CoD. Moreover, the smartphone revolution was in full swing. Nintendo lagged behind and poor sales from the Wii U caused huge financial problems.

Current Day – Pokémon Go and Nintendo Switch

The future looked grim for Nintendo but a combination of factors has brought the company back from the abyss. Firstly, the hugely successful Pokémon Go reminded people of the Nintendo brand. Secondly, the recent release of the Nintendo Switch was met with great success. This handheld console has some brilliant game titles and strong marketing. The console has currently sold over 200 million units. For now, the switch has revitalized the Nintendo brand – let’s hope they can continue to rebuild their empire!

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