Why the Sega Dreamcast Failed?


The Sega Dreamcast was a failed venture. When you consider the features this console had, it was ahead of its time. This did not translate into high sales figures or a return on investment for the once mighty gaming company. Why did the Dreamcast fail? Was it a result of the competition? Was it an inferior product? Was Sega’s marketing and promotion simply flawed? Read on to find out why!

Lack of DVD support – Sony had released the PlayStation 2 which had full DVD playback support. The Dreamcast simply did not. At this time, DVD’s were becoming increasingly popular therefore the PlayStation 2 looked more attractive.

Backlash from Sega Saturn – The Sega Saturn was largely a flop. This caused many devoted Sega fans to simply turn their backs on the brand. Backlash from the Saturn tarnished the company’s reputation and ultimately hampered the Dreamcast’s potential.

Inadequate Controller – Sony had mastered their Dual Shock controller – this design led the way for many years. Despite this fact, Sega created a larger, more cumbersome controller for the Dreamcast. The controller was large and also lacked a second analogue stick. This made it difficult to play with FPS games and arcade platform titles. It just wasn’t as good as Sony’s Dual Shock alternative!

Game Support – At the time, EA and Squaresoft were two of the biggest game developers in the world. EA had impressive and popular titles such as the NBA Live series and Madden NHL. Both of these developers boycotted the Dreamcast and refused to create titles for it. This hurt the reception of the console and meant it missed out on many game-changing titles.

As you can see, there was a multitude of factors that simply worked against the Dreamcast. It now stands as a cult console, but it will mainly be remembered as a failure in comparison to the PlayStation 2.

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